Soil moisture, rain and planting

Recently, the Wallaces Farmer website posted an article “Subsoil Moisture Still a Concern for 2012 Crops.”

The article talks about the subsoil moisture levels in northwest Iowa. “The Iowa State University spring survey of subsoil moisture in northwest Iowa indicates below normal amounts of subsoil moisture in most areas.”

Just a few days earlier the Des Moines Register posted the article “April showers not what farmers ordered.”

The Register article states that “in April 2011, a breathtaking 70 percent of all Iowa’s crop was planted in the one dry week of what was an otherwise dismally wet April.”  According to the USDA’s latest survey, 50 percent of Iowa’s corn crop is planted–not too off the mark from last year.

Isn’t it interesting that we want it to rain, but just at the right time and just at the right places?

How is the subsoil moisture, and the availability to get into the fields to plant, where you live?


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