One Iowa newspaper emphasizes agriculture

The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier  published three ag-related stories Saturday and Sunday, which seems high compared to other Iowa newspapers–even though we are all connected to agriculture and need to stay informed.

The Sunday, June 17th issue offered a story of beginning farmers and optimism that the median age of 56 for Iowa farmers will drop with the increase of ag students and young people coming back to the farm.

Read about Luke and Linsey Schuldt, near Tripoli:

Iowa Learning Farms partner Fred Abels is the Schuldt’s mentor through Practical Farmers of Iowa.

Another article, published on Saturday, June 16, features farmer lawyer author Pat Dillon of rural Sumner. His recently published book “Field Manual, Iowa Farmer’s Guide to Legal Issues” is available through

Read More:

And finally, the paper published coverage of the Iowa Learning Farms field day held on June 14 near Waverly. The article “Till or no-till, that is the question” points out benefits and obstacles to no-till. There is one point that author Matthew Wilde makes that I want to debate. He states, “Farmers till the ground to reduce soil compaction, prepare a good seed bed and to help the ground warm up and dry out in the spring…” Rather, tilling compacts soil further and reduces good seed-to-soil contact by creating a sealed wall of soil made from the tillage implement.

For information about adapting a planter for no-till, check out the ILF YouTube video “Converting Your Planter for No-till Operation.

The interview with farmer and field day host Mark Mueller is interesting and we appreciate the news coverage!

Read the story:

Keep up the agricultural stories, WCF Courier. We are all in this together.


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