June 14 Field Day Highlights No-Till Corn Management

New Iowa Learning Farms (ILF) farmer-partner Mark Mueller, who farms near Waverly in Bremer County, hosted over 90 people at an ILF field day on June 14.  Mueller shared his experiences no-till planting first-year corn and corn-on-corn.  Participants also learned from Fayette County ILF farmer-partner Collin Jensen, who highlighted 20+ years of successful no-till planting experiences on his farm near West Union.  Attendees traveled from as much as 3 hours away to learn insights from these successful no-till farmers.  Both farmers acknowledged the challenges associated with no-till planting corn; however, they stressed that no-till corn production can be very profitable while reducing soil erosion and improving soil structure.  The ILF team thanks Mark and Collin, along with Bremer County NRCS District Conservationist Shaffer Ridgeway, ISU Extension Field Agronomist Terry Basol, and the Bremer County Pork Producers for their contributions to a successful field day!  Take a look at some pictures from the June 14 field day.


Mark Mueller details his no-till corn management system

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