Guest Blog: Adventures at the Farmers Market!

This blog post was written by Brittney Carpio, one of ILF’s summer student interns.  Carpio is beginning her senior year at ISU with majors in Political Science and Environmental Studies, and a minor in Spanish.

This past Saturday, June 30, I was able to visit the North Grand Farmers Market in Ames with the Conservation Station, along with fellow interns Sara and Mikah. It was a pleasant change of pace since most of the time we are traveling to some pretty faraway places in Iowa. While there we built soil cups (better known as dirt cups with gummy worms!) with younger children to help them understand soil structure. It ended up being a lot of fun, especially seeing them walk around ten minutes later with chocolate pudding all over their faces smiling and saying “Thank you” for the third time!

The best part about being in Ames for this event was that the community members were not only interested in what we were teaching and talking about but they were also interested in us as students of the university. There was a lot of “I can tell you’ll do good things once you graduate!” which is something us seniors and beyond like to hear. :)

At the same time, we were also able to meet up with some of our pals from the Conservation Pack, which was probably the highlight of my day!

In the end, it was a beautiful day! And to top it all off, our gracious neighbors at Fisher’s Flowers & Produce sent us each home with some free flowers!

One thought on “Guest Blog: Adventures at the Farmers Market!

  1. jcomito says:

    Wow! Look how intensely Charlie of the Conservation Pack is learning his lesson about water quality. I hope the young people at the trailer were equally attentive!

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