Pasture Walk at Triple C Farms

Iowa Learning Farms hosted a pasture walk at Triple C Farms near Leon last night (July 11). Todd Coffelt and his brothers Chris and Paul are co-owners of the Triple C Farms and did a great job of hosting a crowd of 45 people. The weather was perfect and the meal was great (thanks to the Decatur County Cattlemen)!

We heard from Dow Ag representative Scott Flynn on the proper way of helping eliminate weeds in pastures –including the tip that if you manage your pastures properly you can reduce your chemical applications and perhaps only need to spray every four or five years.

Scott Flynn from Dow Ag explaining the ways of eliminating different weeds

Representatives from the NRCS discussed EQIP cost-share funding to help farmers improve pastures.

However, the heart of the evening went to the Coffelt brothers as Todd shared the work they have been doing to improve their pasture through EQIP, weed control and other best practice management choices. As water resources bureau chief for the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, Todd (along with his brothers) is walking the walk of good conservation and willing to share his experience with his neighbors.  Only two of the three in Triple C Farms were there that evening.  Chris missed the field day due to a family vacation. No problem.  Todd was able to handle the crowd and Paul was content to let his brother do all the talking!

Paul Coffelt

And good reason…Todd was knowledgeable about the work on the pasture, loves the land and the animals and had quite an expressive delivery.

He had the crowd captivated…

Even the cows, bulls and calves!

This central Iowan has a new appreciation for the southern Iowa’s rolling pastures and the southern Iowans’ laid back humor! Thanks to the Coffelt family for a wonderful evening.

One thought on “Pasture Walk at Triple C Farms

  1. Jim n Jody Kerns says:

    Would never have guessed that’s ur brother! Cough, cough….SARCASM!! Nice job, n great pictures! I’d like to see if u could do all that talking w/o using those hands so much! Lol. :)
    kerns, Jim n Jody

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