Iowans featured on Strip-Till Farmer website

A view of one of Arlo VanDiest’s spring strip-tilled fields.

Several Iowans are featured on the website. ILF’s own Mark Hanna is interviewed in the article “Considerations for Strip-Tilling in a Dry Fall.” Hanna is an agriculture and biosystems engineer for ISU Extension and Outreach as well as a faculty member with Iowa Learning Farms.

Read the article: Considerations For Strip-Tilling In A Dry Fall

Two videos are also on the website  featuring an Iowa strip-till farmers Jeff Reints from Shell Rock and ILF farmer partner Arlo VanDiest of Webster City. They have both been strip-tilling for some time now and have great remarks on these short videos about the benefits of strip-tilling. If you have been wavering on going this route, these gentlemen may sway you to the strip-till side.

View the videos.


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