ILF on Van & Bonnie

The State Fair is over…phewww.

I think all of us at ILF would agree that it was a busy and rewarding week and a half, talking with well  over 1,000 people about conservation, as well as the Iowa Learning Farms program.  Now that we have had a couple days to exhale I’d like to share a couple of my favorite moments from the fair.

One moment was watching a friend of mine challenge herself to eating as many staple Iowa State Fair food items as possible. This included a bacon-wrapped corn-dog, egg-on-a-stick, deep-fat-fried Oreo, deep-fat-fried butter stick, turkey leg and of course a funnel cake. As fun as that was to witness (all was eaten within a 2-hr window may I add), my favorite moment was being on the Van and Bonnie Show.

Getting ready for an interview.

I have been a long time listener so it was fun to be a participant. We talked about the Iowa learning Farms program, the Conservation Station and the many events we travel to throughout the state. It wasn’t all serious though. Van joked that he would like to test his strength and try the “ring the bell with the hammer game” but was worried he would break the bell due to his strength. I replied that I was certain I’d embarrass myself, unless I tried it on the kid’s version.

All in all, it was a fun day.

Getting a picture with Van and Bonnie after the show.

What were some of your favorite moments from the fair?


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