Two conservation-minded videos to watch

A couple good videos related to soil and water quality have been posted recently.

First, one of Iowa Learning Farms farmer partners, Stanley and Barbara Johnson, of rural Villisca, discuss their land management decisions. KMA radio out of Shenandoah shot the video of the Johnsons as they talk about their CRP and their food plots for wildlife.

You can read the article and watch the video here: Love for land Burns Bright with Johnsons

Rye cover crop after rain

The second video is from Agribusiness Association of Iowa and the Agribusiness Report. This video features Ken Root’s interview with Iowa Secretary of Ag Bill Northey, Karl Brooks, who heads the Region 7 Environmental Protection Agency Region and Iowa DNR director Chuck Gipp. This group discusses water quality and the water quality coalition to reduce nutrient pollution entering into our waters and going downstream.

This interview is in two YouTube videos: one is the shortened highlight version and the other is the full 18 minute interview. Watch them here: Agribusiness Special Report: Water Quality.

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