Wet spring has lingering effects–sampling of news stories

I’ve gathered some recent stories from around the area that address soil quality. With planting and wet soils meeting in the field, there’s a lot of talk about what to do for best management practices.

004_4Wallaces Farmer has an article on their website that offers tips to reduce soil compaction: Soil Crusting, Compaction Plague Many Iowa Fields

RadioIowa interviewed central Iowa farmer Grant Kimberley on planting soybeans into wet soil: Switching from corn to bean planting solves one problem, but others remain

AgriNews shares a story about how cover crops can also help with compaction as well as build organic matter and reduce erosion: Cover Crops Can Improve Soil Health

No-till Farmer has a story on the effects of flooding on corn: Effects of Flooding or Ponding on Young Corn

Strip-Till Strategies posted a story about a Minnesota farmer who is looking at the health of his soil down deep: Digging for Data in Strip-till Uncovers Long-term Soil Health

And for the non-farmers (or end-users), the sweet corn crop is delayed as well, as the Quad City Times reports: Sweet Corn Will be Later This Year

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