Dog days of summer

While the temperatures are hot, cover crops are even hotter during these dog days of summer!


Over 80 people were in attendance at a cover crop field day near Bedford (Taylor Co.) last evening (Aug. 29) on the Paul and Nancy Ackley farm.  Field day attendees heard all about soil health and the important role cover crops can play in building healthy soils and feeding the soil biota from Rick Bednarek (USDA-NRCS State Soil Scientist), Wayne Flanary (University of Missouri Extension Regional Agronomist), and Green Cover Seed, in addition to seeing the Conservation Station in action.

One intriguing fun fact that I learned from Rick Bednarek’s presentation:

One acre of conventionally tilled farmland contains 60,000 earthworms.  Sounds pretty good, right?… until you compare it to no-till.  One acre of no-till farmland contains 1.2 million earthworms!  (Data from Butler Co., Iowa)

The importance of your soil biology cannot be understated!




So along with the “dog days of summer” theme, I must give a shout out to my three wonderful new canine friends from last evening’s field day.  Bailey was camera-shy, but pictured below are Daisy and Sadie… such sweet girls!  Perhaps future members of the Conservation Pack?…


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