Great article promoting cover crop use

cover_crop_closeupA well written, entertaining and informative (and rather lengthy) article was recently posted on the news website MotherJones. The article focuses on David Brandt, an Ohio farmer who has been using several conservation practices–including cover crops–for many years.

The author, Tom Philpott, attended a field day on Brandt’s farm, along with NRCS field staff from across the country. Philpott also cites a couple of Iowa State University studies that support Brandt’s farming methods in the article as well.

Read the story here: One Weird Trick to Fix Farms Forever

An excerpt:

“For the agency, whose mission is building soil health, Brandt has emerged as a kind of rock star. He’s a “step ahead of the game,” says Mark Scarpitti, the NRCS state agronomist for Ohio, who helped organize the training. “He’s a combination researcher, cheerleader, and promoter. He’s a good old boy, and producers relate to him.” Later, I find that the agency’s website has recently dubbed Brandt the “Obi-Wan Kenobi of soil.

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