ILF farmer partner Moore featured in ‘Strip-till Strategies’

Moore_webILF farmer partner Frank Moore is a long-time no-till and ridge-tiller in Howard County. Three years ago, he tried strip-tillage using the services of a custom strip-tiller. Strip-till Strategies magazine featured him in their latest edition. Frank has been pleased with the results, having reduced his phosphorus application rates by 33%.

An excerpt: “We’ve had 24 consecutive years of no-till on our farms,” he says. “Of course, the conventional wisdom says strip-till and no-till won’t work here in northern Iowa.”

By doing enough research, farmers can make both practices work in most conditions, he adds.”

You can read his experiences in the full story at Strip-till

A priority of Iowa Learning Farms is to provide a means for sharing research and experiences. Hosting around 20 field days each year, ILF brings farmers and researchers together to network and learn from one another. Watch this blog and the ILF website for announcements of field days scheduled in your area. There will be some coming up this fall, post-harvest, that will focus on no-till and cover crops:

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