NRCS releases 2013 Iowa Nutrient Management Standard

In a press release issued this morning, the Natural Resources Conservation Service has released the new Iowa Nutrient Management Conservation Practice Standard.

You can read the entire story here.

Highlights of the new standard include additional practices to control and trap nitrogen such as cover crops, filter strips, bioreactors and nutrient treatment wetlands. Grassed waterways, no-till, terraces are included to help control phosphorus.

There are several more changes listed in the news release, but I want to highlight these as Iowa Learning Farms always promotes this suite of conservation farming practices to keep soil healthy and water as clean as can be. If you have attended one of our field days or workshops, you probably have heard our speakers talk about these practices to improve your soil.

We will continue to offer forums to help farmers learn about the details of these conservation practices and to hear from peers about how these techniques and structures work for them.

There are a number of field days on the calendar in November that focus on cover crops. Visit our website to see if there is an event near you:

You can read the Iowa Nutrient Management Standard on the NRCS website:

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