Cover crop learning opportunities

At the upcoming Iowa Power Farming Show, Jan. 28-30, in Des Moines, visitors will see lots of red, yellow and green. Green will be a key color–but not necessarily with the implements. As part of the show, there are workshops scheduled for attendees to learn more about cover crops.

You can learn from Iowa farmers and others who have been using cover crops on their acres for some time including ILF farmer partners Steve Berger, Kelly Tobin and Tim Smith. Also presenting are aerial seeding expert Jamie Scott and high clearance seeding expert matt Van Tilburg.

The will be three concurrent, one-hour sessions over the three days of the show for a total of 45 sessions. The sessions are free with paid admission to the show. Certified Crop Advisers can earn up to 46 CEUs for attending the sessions.

Visit the website for more information about the Iowa Power Farming Show.


This article “12 Ways to Boost Cover Crop Performance” from Farm Futures magazine is a quick, no-nonsense checklist that offers tips on how to get the most from your cover crop acres. The list comes from Western Illinois assistant professor of agriculture Dr. Joel Gruver and his years of research.

This story is short enough to print off and post in a prominent place to serve as a reminder of why this practice is valuable to your land and its future.

Spring regrowth of cereal rye in corn residue

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