March Madness: Brought to you by Water Rocks!

Water Rocks! participated in the 2014 Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Annual Conference’s Learning Fair, bringing our own style of March Madness to the Scheman Building.  Remember the good old days of Cyclone basketball, with the Shoot 5-for-5 competition at halftime of each game?  Water Rocks! offered ISUEO Conference attendees our own spin on the popular game, and of course, it’s also connected with water quality – Scoop 5-for-5! The instructions are simple:

1. Bag it.   

Dean John Lawrence

Yes, that is indeed a pile of fake dog poo. Dean John Lawrence shows us how it’s done as he lines up his arsenal.

2.  Toss it. 

Rare form

Aim for one of five trash cans to properly dispose of the pet waste.  Each player gets five throws.  Check out the rare form by Bill Arndorfer (Region 9 Director) and Ron Lenth (Bremer C0.).

3. Win!


Participants competed to win valuable prizes: autographed pictures of the Conservation Dogs, Water Rocks! wooden nickels, t-shirts, and bacteria bling for those who touched the poo with bare hands.  The Water Rocks! team is pictured here with our Scoop 5-for-5 grand champions, Bill Arndorfer and Ron Lenth, after their sudden death showdown.


Even Cy couldn’t resist joining in the Water Rocks! fun.  Protecting our water resources takes everyone doing their part!

– Ann Staudt

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