ILF marks 40th Webinar in April! Over 10,000 views and counting!

Among the ILF staff, we are encouraged to have at least one good idea a month. However, sometimes, we are lucky if we have one good idea a year. In 2010, Dr. Matt Helmers’  November idea was to hold a monthly ILF webinar. I don’t know if Matt had made his quota of monthly good ideas but this one idea was a year’s worth. In fact, that one idea became 40 month’s worth.

Matt Helmers presents a webinar on a research project using prairie strips interspersed with row crops.

Matt Helmers presents a webinar on a research project using prairie strips interspersed with row crops.

Webinars are a simple idea — we ask key researchers and practitioners of various conservation practices to present a 25-minute talk and then answer questions sent to them by the participating audience. These webinars are then available via archive for later viewing.

We held our first on January 19, 2011. I presented on the Culture of Conservation to 30 people (combination of on-line and in the room). Since then we have had 375 viewers of that particular webinar.

Our 40th webinar was April 16, 2014. It featured Dr. Rick Cruse talking about gully erosion. He presented to 49 people and has already had 89 archival views.

In total, our webinars have been viewed by over 10,000 people since we started in 2011.

Each month we feature a unique topic even if sometimes we use the same presenter. April 2011 was the second presentation by Dr. Cruse. Next month, we have asked Chris Anderson to come back and update us on climate change issues as well as 2014 weather patterns.

Below is a highlight of the most popular speakers and topics over the years:

Jeremy Singer, cover crops = 561
Laura Christianson, bioreactors = 725

Amy Kalieta, precision ag = 417

Comito/Wolseth, SWCD commissioners = 423
Jerry Hatfield, soil conservation = 344

Mark Tomer, watershed-scale conservation = 117
Rick Cruse, gully erosion = 89

Webinars are always the third Wednesday of every month at 11:30 Iowa time. Tune in if you can or watch them on archive. The complete list of webinars and their archive link is on the ILF website.

Good job, Matt! Although we are waiting for your next good idea–hoping it will be as successful as this one.

-Jackie Comito

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