Celebrating Earth Day in Davenport

Matt Helmers and I celebrated Earth Day yesterday on a Water Rocks! school visit, working with multiple classes of high school Environmental Science students at Davenport West.

We brought a number of hands-on and interactive activities to engage the students in soil and water-related topics.  Students first had a lot of fun developing their own pieces of land and seeing the environmental impacts in the “We All Live in a Watershed” activity.  That was followed by students experiencing the Conservation Station’s rainfall simulator, as well as looking at soil cores from different hill slope positions to see soil transport/dislocation and how that impacts productivity.  Finally, they got to try their hand at some water quality monitoring.  Students made predictions about how the transparency would compare between water samples collected from a stream, river, and lake, and then divided into groups, using Secchi disk tubes to measure transparency directly for the three water sources.

The TV cameras were rolling, and we were featured on multiple news broadcasts in the Quad Cities area:


News story on WQAD – Click on photo for direct link to news story!



News story on KWQC – Click on photo for link to full news broadcast. Our feature is at approximately the 11:45 timepoint.

Thanks to Mr. Strunk and the Davenport West students for inviting us!

– Ann Staudt

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