Mission Accomplished!

While the Conservation Station fleet has been in great demand across the state of Iowa since its launch in 2010, one of our big goals was for the trailer to make an appearance in all 99 counties of Iowa.

Mission ACCOMPLISHED as of May 1, 2014!

MissionAccomplishedCertain counties have brought in many requests over the years, and we’ve had to turn some of them down in order to “share the love” and make sure our time is well-distributed across the state.  We’ve made a concerted effort to reach out to other counties if we hadn’t been there before, asking them if we could bring the Conservation Station to their fair, youth outdoor classroom, a local farmers’ market, etc.

Our last remaining county on the list was Monroe County.  We visited there yesterday as part of their annual Monroe Co. Ag Day, where we had a great time working with 3rd grade students from Albia, Moravia, and Eddyville-Blakesburg.  (Side note: We were actually scheduled to participate in the Monroe Co. Ag Day in 2013, but snow prevented us from making the trip! See Identity Crisis Spring blog post.)



While our main audience was the 3rd grade students of Monroe Co., we are also educating the adults that are along with them when we attend events like this. As we were packing up to leave yesterday, a teacher’s aide from Albia pulled me aside.

“I never really understood what a watershed was all those years in school.   It just didn’t make sense.  But after hearing you guys explain it today, I GET it!  Thank you!”

Building a Culture of Conservation: One Iowan at a time.
Moments like that make it all worthwhile.

– Ann Staudt

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