Meet our 2014 Summer Interns!

Student interns are a huge part of the Iowa Learning Farms/Water Rocks! team every summer, more than doubling the size of our regular staff!  Our interns are directly involved with public outreach (visiting schools, libraries, traveling with the Conservation Station to field days and county fairs) as well as field and lab research on such topics as agricultural water resources and cover crops (e.g. measuring cover crop impacts on soil infiltration).

In addition, each intern will be completing an independent project tailored to their own unique interests, with projects ranging from an investigation of the relationship between earthworms and cover crops, to soil physical properties, to creating videos and other media for the Water Rocks! program.

Without further ado, let’s meet the 2014 summer intern crew!


Pictured from left to right:
Brandon Friederich: Journalism and Mass Communications/Music double major, Iowa State University
Nick Hunter: Physics/Spanish double major, Grinnell College
Liz Gotzinger: Integrated Studio Arts, Iowa State University
Annie Wallace: Biological Systems Engineering, Iowa State University
Anna Chott: Environmental Science/Environmental Policy double major, Drake University
Tiffany Eberhard: Environmental Health Science/Anthropology double major, University of Georgia
Lance Henrichs: Agricultural Systems Technology, Iowa State University

This enthusiastic crew will be out and about around the state all summer long, so keep an eye out for their friendly faces coming to a location near you.

– Ann Staudt

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