Iowa Learning Farms field day schedule

Tomorrow kicks off the first of the 2014 Iowa Learning Farms field days! We have several events on the docket for June and a just a few in July (it gets awfully hot in July out in a field). The field day tomorrow is at the Randy Seinknecht farm near Gladbrook. You can read details about this event in a previous post.

Field_Day_Guide_cover_2014Download our field day schedule booklet to read the who, what, where, and whens of each field day. Watch your local papers, too, for information on the field day near you.

When you come to one of our events, we will ask you to fill out a comment card that includes questions addressing  what you are expecting to learn, how you heard about the event, and your mailing information. We aren’t snoopy (well, maybe a little)–we only want to keep improving our programming and we can’t do that without feedback. Surveys are sent to attendees a few weeks after each event to learn about what you learned and how the field day could have been improved.





Our field days have grown in quality and popularity over the last decade (yes, we’ve been hosting field days for nine years!). Last year we held 32 field days/workshops and saw over 2,000 attendees. They have grown because of your feedback. We take your comments seriously and try to provide a positive experience. So come out, participate in the discussions, have a free meal, and fill out the follow-up survey.

Also, we are in the planning stages for the fall field day schedule–which hinges on the summer weather and crop success. Watch for the fall dates later on.

-Carol Brown



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