Cover Crops and Vegetable Production – August Webinar

If you missed tuning into the live webinar today – don’t worry!  You can watch the entire webinar now archived on our website here.

Ajay Nair


Dr. Ajay Nair with Iowa State University (ISU) Department of Horticulture discussed incorporating cover crops into any sized vegetable production system.  Many of the benefits of cover crops in a corn/soybean operation, such as reduced soil erosion and nutrient management, can be achieved in vegetable production and with a greater variety of cover crops to choose from.  Dr. Nair explains which cover crops are best suited prior to late season vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers, which are best following early harvested vegetables like lettuce and onion, as well as those that can be used in the off-season.  He also addresses cover crop management and challenges that may arise.

Be sure to tune in next month on September 17th at 11:30am for Dr. Tom Isenhart presenting on streambank stabilization and buffers.

Liz Juchems

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