New Conservation Pack videos educate and entertain

One of the strategies that we’ve found highly effective in educating young people about agriculture, conservation, and environmental issues is using DOGS as the messengers- specifically, the Conservation Dogs! Charlie-JodyKerns

The idea behind the Conservation Pack is that, just like dogs work together in packs, it takes all of us working together to take care of our water, soil, and natural resources here in the state of Iowa.

Stewy-MarkRasmussenThe dogs have their own video series, “Adventures of the Conservation Pack,” in which they travel around the state interviewing people who work with natural resources in some form or fashion.    The Water Rocks! team has just released eight new videos in the “Adventures of the Conservation Pack” series, featuring several familiar faces and good friends of Iowa Learning Farms!

Here are a few more sneak peaks from the newly-released episodes…


Watch the new videos, Episodes 11-18, in any of the following locations:

Water Rocks! website

It’s a bow-wow world when we all work together!

Ann Staudt

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