STRIPS: The Movie

ALM 147

The Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture recently posted on their website the new video “Restoring the Balance: Prairie Conservation Strips.” The 12-minute film includes interviews with members of the STRIPS team (Science-based Trials of Row-crops Integrated with Prairies), farmers who have incorporated strips of prairie plantings in their fields, and conservation experts offering their opinions of this conservation farming practice.

The STRIPS research project is at the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge, near Prairie City, Iowa. The project looks at three scenarios of prairie integrated in corn-soybean rotations, and one area with no prairie plants serving as the control site. The research team is finding many benefits to using this system including reduced soil erosion, reduced nitrogen and phosphorus leaving the land, and an increase in biodiversity. To learn more about the research visit the STRIPS website.

Watch the video here and learn more about this concept and its benefits.

-Carol Brown

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