Top 10 Webinars #2: Managing Cover Crops

March 2011 Screenshot

This blog’s exploration of the Top 10 Most-Watched Webinars continues with “Managing Cover Crops,” hosted by Dr. Jeremy Singer, then a research agronomist for the USDA Agricultural Research Service and currently a principal scientist for BASF Plant Science in Durham. And here are my Top 3 Take-Home Points:

1. Cover crops can reduce soil erosion, improve water quality, stabilize or increase organic matter, and provide other benefits. (That’s pretty much a direct quote from the webinar, but I couldn’t have put it better.)

2. Managing cover crops is all about balancing potential benefits and risks, and farmers can tinker with plenty of variables—different crop varieties, different methods, different approaches—to fine-tune that balance.

3. More research is needed, and a lot of it is underway right now, to clear up remaining mysteries and ambiguities about cover crop management. However, the concept is now well-established, the benefits are clear, and the practice is getting more and more common.

So, if it weren’t for the awful pun, I’d say the whole idea of planting cover crops … has taken root.

Watch the full webinar here.

– Alex Kirstukas

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