Top Ten Webinars #3: Nitrogen Management and Water Quality

April 2011 Screenshot

The Top 10 Most-Watched Webinars adventure continues with “Nitrogen Management and Water Quality,” hosted by Dr. Matt Helmers, professor and extension agricultural engineer at Iowa State University. Here’s my preview:

1. There are big demands for row crop products and cleaner water … but the subsurface drainage needed to produce the one makes the other harder to get.

2. There are multiple in-field practices to help farmers manage where the nitrogen they use ends up.

3. Even with the best possible in-field management, though, there’d still be too much nitrate in the water. So, for the sake of the land we depend on, we also need off-site practices like wetland restoration and bioreactors. (And stay tuned for the next webinar in this series for more about those…)

Watch the full webinar here.

– Alex Kirstukas

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