Top Ten Webinars #5: Losing Ground

August 2011 Screenshot

Today’s installment of the Top 10 Most-Watched Webinars series focuses on the biggest water quality problem in Iowa: sediment. It’s time for “Losing Ground,” hosted by Dr. Rick Cruse, professor of agronomy at Iowa State University and director of the Iowa Water Center. And here are my take-home points:

1. Soil is eroding faster than it can form, significantly affecting crop yield and costing us billions of dollars.

2. Most estimates about erosion don’t include types of erosion we can see—so the problem is even worse than it looks on paper.

3. Climate change has led to more erosive rainfalls and more runoff, and it looks like that trend upward will continue.

Not a cheerful outlook, admittedly. But if we know how serious the problem is, maybe we can work more efficiently to find solutions.

Watch the full webinar here.

– Alex Kirstukas

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