A week ago, we kicked off our “1 New Thing for Water” campaign, posing the question: What one new thing will YOU do for water in 2015?  Check out the video by clicking on the image below!


I pledged to go out once a week and pick up dog poo in my neighborhood. I challenged other urban residents to do their one new thing. During our webinar, we posed the question to Iowa’s Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey, and he pledged to improve a couple of grassed waterways on his farm. He also said he would encourage farmers to do their one new thing this year.

We got the idea from one of our farmer partners Laura Krouse. Laura knew that I was interviewing Secretary Northey as a part of our monthly webinar and she sent me the following thought:

“I’d like to see a campaign begun with leadership from Northey, Practical Farmers of Iowa, Leopold Center, Iowa Learning Farms, etc.. for all landowners to take the “One Thing For Water Quality Challenge” in 2015 (and beyond). Every farmer, including me, believes that we are excellent stewards of water quality and that we’re already doing everything we can towards reaching the Nutrient Reduction Strategy goals. However…… that might not be exactly true! I’d like each of us to challenge ourselves to find one thing that we could do better on our farms/lawns in 2015. Like shaping and seeding a wider waterway, avoiding fall tillage, planting a native tree, increasing the amount of residue left in the field, waiting until it thaws to spread manure, seeding down a headland, cutting the lawn fertilizer in half, ANYTHING, you decide what you can do and then get it accomplished in 2015. Making it a statewide challenge would make it fun and achievable and would get everybody buying into the NRS. Might even encourage some accountability in the neighborhood.”

The “1 New Thing for Water” campaign was born. Laura is right! Everyone in Iowa has a responsibility toward helping make cleaner water and healthier lands. It will take all of us – urban and rural, young and old – doing something! What one new thing will YOU do for water in 2015?

Check out the Iowa Learning Farms and Water Rocks! social media outlets to see who has already taken the pledge. THEN, we want to hear from you! Let us know what one NEW thing you are going to do for water in 2015. Send us an email, a photograph, or share on social media using #1NewThingForWater–Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube–letting us know what one new thing you will do for water this year.

As the Conservation Dogs would say, it’s a bow wow world when we all work together.






What one new thing will YOU do for water in 2015?

Jackie Comito

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