#1NewThingForWater – Reduce Food Waste!

A Feb 27, 2015, article “The True Cost of Food Waste” published in the Huffington Post explores the relationship between food waste and its relationship to environmental issues. One third of all food is wasted! Think of all the resources that went to produce that food. I know another new thing (#1NewThingForWater) the Water Rocks! team can do for water in 2015 is teach youth about the relationship between food waste and water quality/soil health. Wasting food is something we all do and so it offers a huge opportunity for change!

Here is a summary of the article by Meridian Institute: In this opinion piece, Dan Glickman, former Agriculture Secretary and a senior fellow at the Bipartisan Policy Center, writes that the world wastes an astonishing amount of food. Given the economic costs of food waste, Glickman says, and the fact that nearly a billion people don’t have enough to eat, it is time to make reducing food waste a major priority. In wealthier nations, food gets wasted for cosmetic reasons or because we purchase too much; in poorer coun2015-02-27-wastedfoodwastednutrients1-thumbtries, it’s due to poor infrastructure. In countries like the U.S. and Europe, says Glickman, providing more information on when food will spoil could help prevent food waste. Another dent could be made by investing in how produce, fish, meats and dairy products are collected and stored, and by incentivizing consumers to be aware of the importance of only purchasing what they will eat. Developing countries need places to store food, as well as refrigeration equipment to transport and sell it. Glickman concludes: “Reducing food waste will pay off,” by both saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. “Perhaps more importantly, it will make it much more likely that we will be able to produce enough nutritious food for everyone on the planet. That fact in and of itself should give us a reason to clean our plates.” To read entire article go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dan-glickman/the-true-cost-of-food-was_b_6769352.html.


Jacqueline Comito

2 thoughts on “#1NewThingForWater – Reduce Food Waste!

  1. Hello,

    Indeed, reducing food waste would definitely help to preserve our planet.
    We also need to think of measures regarding water waste in our habits. I have written a blog post wondering how we could establish measures to encourage states and people to care about their water waste.

    I’d like to have your thoughts on this issue,


    Thank you,


  2. jcomito says:

    We travel around the state of Iowa teaching young people to be more aware of their water consumption and waste. It feels like this is already being discussed. Most of the kids can list some of the things they should do. Reducing food waste could help reduce agricultural intensification — we could feed more people with what we are currently producing. Reducing agricultural intensification could have a side benefit of reducing the nutrient run-off into our water bodies and reducing the amount of water needed to produce food. So, it would be a double benefit. Most people don’t associate food waste with environmental benefits to water quality and soil health.

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