Farmer Tim Smith on The Chat

Farmer Tim Smith took time to sit down with Jacqueline Comito to discuss his whole farm approach to soil health and water quality in this engaging episode of Conservation Chat.

aerial 9-29-2014

Cover crops showing off their true colors in Tim’s soybean field.

Tim started farming in his early 20’s and had always thought that he was doing what was necessary towards protecting his soil and nearby water bodies by minimizing his tillage passes and by installing filter strips along the stream bank. It wasn’t until he tested his tile lines for nitrates that he made a farm-changing discovery. “Even though I was doing the best that I could, it was still not solving the problem, and I was part of the problem.” Tim said.

This realization led Tim to add a suite of conservation practices on his 800-acre corn and soybean operation.

Click here to find out what else Tim has done on his farm, his future plans, and how he successfully reduced his nitrate levels to below the 10 parts per million EPA guideline for safe drinking water.

~ Nathan Stevenson

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