Welcome Spring!

Today is the first day of spring!

Enjoy a trip to the creek with ILF farmer partner Eric Boehm. He and his granddaughters spent an afternoon along the banks of Brush Creek near Wadena. Eric has worked to improve parts of Brush Creek, which flows through his farm, including stream bank stabilization, adding cover crops on his fields, planting trees and more.

Eric_and_girlsDon’t you want to take your shoes off and let the water flow over your feet, too?

girls_along_the_bankStream bank stabilization: when the river is running wild,
these rocks will keep soil and plants in place.

girls_on_bank_with_bucketWarm days, clear water, and buckets of sand.
Do I see a Conservation Pack T-shirt? Hello, fellow pack member!

Cate_throwing_rocksThrowing rocks in the water keeps you young.

Find a great place like this to enjoy our rivers and streams. Throw some rocks, search for fossils, look for creatures and fish in the water, bird-watch, stay young.  Happy spring!

-Carol Brown

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