Water quality meets group therapy

A new video produced by Water Rocks! seeks to illuminate the interwoven relationships between different pollutants that can contribute to water quality challenges here in Iowa (and beyond). Through science, emotional appeals, personal drama, and most of all, humor!, the Mississippi River Basin Watershed Support Group video explores the subtleties and complexities related to the interactions of water, soil, and pollutants in our environment.

The setting: A group therapy session.
The group facilitator: BI (biological indicator for water quality).
The support group participants: soil, phosphorus, nitrogen, arsenic, mercury, manure, bacteria, and caffeine.

Here are a few sneak peaks:

SupportGroup-01 SupportGroup-02 SupportGroup-03 SupportGroup-04

The Mississippi River Basin Watershed Support Group video was recently honored at the Iowa Motion Picture Association Awards ceremony, receiving awards in the following categories:

Direction (Medium Form)
Editing (Long Form)
Corporate Training
Best Actress (BI/group facilitator)
Art Direction

This fabulous video is not to be missed!  The cinematography is beautifully done and the characters are quite entertaining… if you’re anything like me, you’re going to watch it several times to catch all of the quirky humor and subtleties in the relationships happening on-screen.

Ann Staudt

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