May ILF webinar: Source Water Protection

Greenfield8-25-05I’m guessing that many people living in an Iowa municipality might not know where their drinking water comes from beyond the water tower. Where does your community’s water—or source water—come from? A nearby river or lake? Or from a well that pumps water from underground?

Today’s ILF webinar focused on source water and how some communities are improving theirs.

Rebecca Ohrtman is the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Source Water Protection Program Coordinator. She explained what source water is and where it comes from. She gave examples of three communities that are reducing nitrogen levels in their municipal water supply through a pilot project. There are 15 pilot projects going on in Iowa now. The projects bring many individuals and groups together to improve their source water.

Jamie Benning is the ISU Extension and Outreach Water Quality Program Manager. She talked about the how the Source Water Ag Collaborative is working with communities to reduce nitrogen levels in both source water and non-point source water.

There are many similarities between the Source Water Protection Program and the Nutrient Reduction Strategy, which Jamie highlighted in the webinar. The urban-rural disconnect that many Iowans feel should be erased when we see how we are all connected by the flow of water.

Watch the recorded May webinar any time. The link is found on the webinar page of the ILF website. In fact, links to all of our 52 webinars are found here!

— Carol Brown

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