The tables have turned…

… In the newest Conservation Chat podcast, I jump in as the interviewer and regular program host Jacqueline Comito switches over to the interviewee chair!

ConservationChat-ComitoTune in as we chat about Jackie’s recent National Wetlands Award for Education and Outreach, and the many different ways in which the Iowa Learning Farms and Water Rocks! programs educate on wetlands across the state, including tours of CREP wetlands, classroom presentations, songs, music videos, and the award-winning Incredible Wetlands documentary.

While the number of wetlands that have been lost over the past 150-200 years is serious business, there’s nothing serious about this podcast episode. There are plenty of humorous moments as the conversation meanders to include a discussion of linguistics and favorite wetlands words, favorite wetlands creatures, and upcoming wetlands songs (does “All About That Bass” get permanently stuck in your head? Just wait until you hear “All About That Bog”!)

Listen to this episode and all other Conservation Chat podcasts at

Ann Staudt

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