June 2015 Webinar: Cover Crop Research Update

Check out the ILF June Webinar featuring Sarah Carlson, Midwest Cover Crops Research Coordinator at Practical Farmers of Iowa.

Sarah provides a great update to ongoing cover crop research in Iowa including: variety and mixtures trials, planting date trials into seed corn acres, and results from years 5-6 of the joint ILF/PFI long-term rye cover crop project.  More detailed information about each of the studies can be found here.

At PFI, Sarah helps promote agronomic research about cover crops through articles, blogs and presentation materials while working to improve the support for cover crop research. She also serves as an agronomist, transferring ideas for solutions to integrated crop and livestock concerns from farmers’ stories, results from on-farm research projects and her own knowledge as a trained agronomist.

Watch the recorded June Webinar any time. The link is found on the webinar page on the ILF website. In fact, links to all of our 53 webinars are found here!

For a bonus cover crop webinar, watch the archived presentation on Application of Cover Crops in the Midwestern U.S. from the North Central Region Water Network’s The Current webinar series. The webinar features Dean Baas, Senior Research Associate, Michigan State University Extension; Tom Kaspar, Plant Physiologist, USDA-ARS, National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment- Ames; and Matt Ruark, Asst. Professor and Extension Soil Scientist, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Liz Juchems

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