Coming soon to a fair near you…

July is always a super fun (and chaotic!) time of year as our Iowa Learning Farms/Water Rocks! team crisscrosses the state, traveling to as many county fairs as we can.

While we’d love to visit every county fair in Iowa, that’s a bit of a challenge with the vast majority of the fairs falling within the same three week window of time!  However, between our staff and students, we do our best to hit as many counties as we can, often sending out two separate groups to visit two separate fairs in the same day.  Our grand total this year is 28 individual fairs, an all-time record for our team!

What do we have to offer when we visit a county fair?  We may bring any combination of the activities shown below:






The list of 28 county fairs we’re visiting this summer is included below.  To find out what time of day we’ll be there, check your local fair book OR contact us and we can help you out with the specifics.

June 25       Linn Co. Fair
June 27       Howard Co. Fair
July 8       North Iowa Fair
July 9       Dallas Co. Fair
July 9       Central Iowa Fair
July 10       Cedar Co. Fair
July 12       Mills Co. Fair
July 12       Chickasaw Co. Fair
July 13       Adams Co. Fair
July 14       Sioux Co. Fair
July 15       Wapello Co. 4-H Expo
July 15       Adair Co. Fair
July 16       Monona Co. Fair
July 16       Muscatine Co. Fair
July 17       Osceola Co. Fair
July 18       Audubon Co. Fair
July 18       Clarke Co. Fair
July 21       O’Brien Co. Fair
July 22       Grundy Co. Fair
July 22       Washington Co. Fair
July 24       Boone Co. Fair
July 25       Buena Vista Co. Fair
July 28       Story Co. Fair
July 28       Lucas Co. Fair
July 31       Des Moines Co. Fair
 August 1       Plymouth Co. Fair
August 7       Fayette Co. Fair
August 7       Kossuth Co. Fair

Our full 2015 schedule of events can be found online, and additional summer events (community festivals, library visits, and more) are included there, as well.

Ann Staudt

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