“The Ground Can Ground Us” – Chatting with Donna Buell

ConservationChatLogoAngleIn the latest Conservation Chat podcast, Jacqueline Comito catches up with Donna Buell at a field day promoting cover crops and prairie strips. Donna Buell has a long history with agriculture and environmentalism, including serving on the Iowa Environmental Protection Commission.

In a fascinating and far ranging discussion, Donna Buell and Jacqueline Comito touch upon the pressures on farmers, the pressures on female landowners, as well as the challenge in transitioning to organic. Donna takes a long view with agriculture and the environment, finding hope for the future in our new appreciation for traditional agricultural practices.  Donna is especially excited by the environmental message she hears coming from the Pope and what that means for our future on this earth.

For Donna, it all comes back to the soil.  Donna thinks prairie strips are very exciting in terms of what they can do for our soil.  Donna reminds us that “when the soil is gone, it’s gone.”  As she ponders, if Iowa loses all its topsoil, “then who’s going to feed the world?”

Listen to the full conversation here!

-Ben Schrag

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