Featured Video: A Conservation Carol

We’ve been hearing all about Christmas in July recently, with news of Prime Day and retailers competing with “deals bigger than Black Friday.”

Here at Iowa Learning Farms and Water Rocks!, we have our own version of Christmas in July to showcase.  It’s a new video titled A Conservation Carol, our own unique spin on the old classic “A Christmas Carol.”

A Conservation Carol begins with a young watershed coordinator visiting his uncle’s place over the holidays.  The watershed coordinator is trying to convince his Uncle John, who happens to farm in the watershed, to consider some additional conservation practices on his land.

Uncle John is resistant, responding, “I’ve already done a lot of things.”

“I know, and your strip tillage fields have reduced your erosion. But there are still areas with significant sediment delivery to the creek.”

As he departs, the watershed coordinator leaves his uncle with this parting thought:  “Don’t be a Scrooge. If you’re not going to do it for me, do it for the kids!”

Uncle John replies, reluctantly, “I’ll sleep on it.”

Uncle John hunkers down for a good night’s sleep, and this is when the real excitement begins!

Instead of sugar plums dancing in his head, Farmer John has soil, nutrients, and an irrepressibly exuberant cloud dancing in his dreams.

How will Uncle John respond?  Tune in to A Conservation Carol to find out.

Taking a humorous, light-hearted approach, this short video encourages farmers to do one additional thing on their land to improve their soil health, reduce erosion and improve water quality. We are all called to do #1newthingforwater this year – it takes all of us doing our part. It is a reminder that we can all improve what we are doing when it comes to conservation and the health of our land. And not just for us, but to leave our land and waters in better shape for the next generation.

A Conservation Carol was honored with two 2015 Iowa Motion Picture Association Awards, being recognized in the categories of Direction (Short Form) and Editing (Short Form).

Check out A Conservation Carol, along with our many other videos, on YouTube, TeacherTube, and the Water Rocks! website.

Ann Staudt

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