Growing Cover Crop Knowledge with ILF Resources

We’ve been sharing a lot of information about cover crops over the past few weeks. Ready to jump in and learn even more?

The Iowa Learning Farms team has produced a wide variety of cover crop educational resources over the years, from fact sheets to seeding rate calculators to videos. Today we’re going to shine the spotlight on some of the outstanding cover crop resources we have to offer, all available to you free of charge.

A great place to start is the Cover Crop Resources page on the ILF website – this is the central hub for all of our projects, publications, and outreach materials related to cover crops!

Scrolling down, you’ll find two outstanding Excel-based tools: a Cover Crop Cost Calculator and Cover Crop Seeding Rate calculator.


We offer a variety of cover crop-related print materials (downloadable as PDFs on our website). A couple of my personal favorites are the Cover Crops in Iowa informational guide and Cover Crops glossary.


If you’d like to go more in-depth and dig in to the data about cover crop effects on soil health and crop yields, check out our Cover Crop Research page for six years of results from our long-term on-farm cereal rye study.

Questions about management… how to really “make cover crops work” on the ground? We have two excellent “how to” videos that help to answer your questions about integrating cover crops into your cropping systems.

If you have a field day or workshop coming up where cover crops will be on the agenda, contact us – we can provide the above videos on DVD as well as print materials for you to hand out.

Cover crops are serious business when it comes to reducing erosion, building soil health, and cycling nutrients. However, our approach to promoting cover crops is not all serious! Cover crops take center stage in several Water Rocks! video productions, as well…

Make sure your land is protected from the elements between growing seasons with the “Cover Crop Vaccine.”

And the award-winning music video “Cover Crop Anthem” is a screamin’ good time – DON’T FARM NAKED!  It’s pretty much a guarantee that this tune will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.


Ann Staudt

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