Save the Dates! Great Learning Opportunities Available in 2016

Practical Farmers of Iowa Annual Conference Jan. 22-23, Ames

PFI logo.stacked.tag.4c.outThe two-day conference at the Iowa State Center in Ames is a opportunity for farmer-to-farmer learning, networking and grassroots solutions to on-farm challenges for a more diverse, sustainable agricultural landscape.  The conference is open to everyone and attracts farmers of all sorts, sizes, systems and enterprises, as well as non-farmers interested in knowing more about how their food is grown and building relationships between those who work the land and those who rely on their labors.

Be sure to check out the two ILF-sponsored sessions on Sat. January 23:

Nitrogen – important soil nutrient or water quality challenge?

To help better understand the movement of nitrogen, Mike Castellano will discuss the soil nitrogen cycle.  Matt Helmers will also highlight ongoing agricultural drainage and nitrate loss studies.  Washington County farmer, Rob Stout will share information about his use of cover crops and bioreactor to manage nitrates on his farm.

Top 10 Cover Crop Species for Iowa – 2016 Edition

There are a lot of factors that go into cover crop species selection and many species options to choose from. A panel of Iowa farmers and researchers will discuss the “Top 10 Iowa Cover Crops – 2016 Edition” and share their experiences of which ones they recommend and which they would avoid.  Panelists include: Meaghan Anderson (ISUEO Field Agronomist), Ajay Nair (ISUEO Horticulture Specialist), Paul Ackley (Taylor County crop and livestock farmer), and Laura Krouse (Linn County vegetable farmer)

Watch for registration information and additional details here!

Soil Health Conference Feb. 2-3, Ames

Understanding soil health is essential for enhancing food security, providing resiliency to climate variability, protecting environmental quality, and preventing soil degradation for soil security.

During the two-day conference, you will be provided with research-based information by well-known and established scientists from Land-grant Universities, the USDA, and industry. Conference topics will cover a wide range of interests to farmers, agronomist, students, policy makers and the general public. Information provided by speakers during this conference will be useful decision-making resources on how to best manage our soils to build healthy soil for healthy landscapes, communities and economies.

The goal of this conference is to increase awareness and understanding of soil health as pivotal to sustainable agriculture and environmental quality in Iowa and the Midwest. Healthy soils create healthy landscapes, which support healthy communities. This conference is a collaborative effort between Iowa State University Extension and the USDA, Natural Resource Conservation Service.

We hope to see you at the Scheman Building in Ames for this great conference February 2-3, 2016.

Click the image below to learn more and get registered today!Soil Health Confernce-Save this Date_blog

Liz Juchems


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