Teaching the next generation about ag + environment

The past two summers, we have hosted the Water Rocks! Teacher Summit here at Iowa State University, as a professional development workshop for K-12 classroom educators from across the state. (Read more about it in an earlier blog post: Recap of Water Rocks! Summit, June 10-11, 2015.)

We’ve gotten numerous inquiries from non-formal educators, including 4-H and extension educators, SWCD youth outreach coordinators, watershed coordinators, naturalists, municipal/public works education personnel, scientists who frequently conduct youth outreach in the classroom, and STEM coordinators, expressing their interest in attending the Water Rocks! Summit.

We listened – while previous Water Rocks! Summits were exclusively for formal classroom teachers, the upcoming Water Rocks! Winter Summit is dedicated exclusively to you!


What is this Winter Summit all about?
This professional development workshop offers training on a multitude of interactive and hands-on educational lessons covering water, soil, agriculture, environmental science, and more. Scheduled for December 3, 2015, the Water Rocks! Winter Summit will cover a wide variety of topics including the water cycle, watersheds, connectedness of agriculture and the environment in Iowa, agricultural management practices, wetlands, biodiversity, and more. Music, videos, technology, and hands-on activities will be woven throughout!

How much does it cost?
The full cost of the Winter Summit is $595, which includes the WR! activity kit (valued at over $800), plus lunch and snacks during the day. Scholarships are available to qualified individuals/organizations.

What’s included in the WR! activity kit?
The Water Rocks! activity kit is chock full of original hands-on learning activities and games (We All Live in a Watershed, Habitat Hopscotch, Wetlands BINGO, Biodiversity JENGA, Dig Into Soil, What’s In Your (Storm)water?, and more) that can be used time and time again with Grades K-12. The complete kit is valued at over $800, and being offered at a reduced rate exclusively for WR! Winter Summit participants.

There are several people from our county/organization that would like to attend. Can we all come to the Summit? Do we each have to buy our own activity kit?
Multiple individuals from the same county office or local organization are encouraged to attend the Water Rocks! Summit together (up to 3 people on a team); please apply together so we know you are a team. In this case, only one shared Water Rocks! activity kit would be required.

Ready to apply?
Spaces are limited, so apply right away!  Financial assistance is available to qualified individuals/organizations; please apply by October 30, 2015 (THIS FRIDAY!) to be considered for scholarship assistance.

Ann Staudt

This cooperative project has been funded in part through the Section 319 of the Clean Water Act. Partners of Water Rocks! include Iowa Department of Natural Resources (United States Environmental Protection Agency), Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Iowa Water Center, Iowa Learning Farms, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education, and personal gifts of support.

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