Conservation Chat Ep. 14 with Dr. Angie Carter

carter_Angela_photoIn Episode 14 of the Iowa Learning Farms Conservation Chat, Angie Carter and Jackie Comito chat about women landowners and the role they play in conservation practice adoption here in Iowa.  As a 7th generation Iowan, who experienced the toll of the 1980s farm crisis, Angie has a strong connection to Iowa’s landscape and protecting it for future generations

Angie is a recent doctoral graduate from the Department of Sociology at Iowa State University where she co-majored in the Graduate Program for Sustainable Agriculture.  Her dissertation, Constructing and contesting narratives: women and farmland ownership in Iowa, took an in-depth look women landowners and some of the difficulties they face in caring for their land.

Throughout the chat, Angie shares stories from her interactions with women landowners.  Some stories are uplifting and empowering, while others highlight the lingering challenges of gender and land ownership established decades, even centuries ago.  With over 47% of Iowa’s land owned or co-owned by women, we are an important factor in conservation adoption and sustainability (economically and environmentally) of agricultural production in Iowa.

Working with organizations like Women Food and Agriculture Network (WFAN), Practical Farmers of Iowa and many more, we can work together to empower women and future generations of Iowa landowners.  WFAN is a great organization dedicated to linking and empowering women to build food systems and communities that are healthy, just, sustainable, and that promote environmental integrity. For more information visit:

Check out the podcast today to hear the full interview!

Liz Juchems

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