Grazing cover crops? Check your herbicide labels!

A new Iowa State University Extension and Outreach (ISUEO) publication aims to make herbicide labels easier to read, especially if you are considering grazing cover crops.

Interest in cover crops has dramatically increased due to their many potential benefits. In addition to conservation purposes, cover crops can provide forage for livestock producers. It is important for livestock producers to consider restrictions on labels of herbicides used earlier in the growing season if they intend to use the cover crop as a forage source. Herbicide Pub_Page_1


The two primary reasons for label restrictions related to cover crops are: 1) herbicide residues may prevent successful establishment of the cover crop, or 2) residue tolerances have not been established for the presence of the herbicide within the cover crop. Regardless of the reason for the restriction, failing to follow the restrictions is a violation of the label and therefore a punishable offense.


Bob Hartzler, professor in agronomy and extension weed specialist at ISU, Meaghan Anderson, field agronomist with ISUEO and Rebecca Vittetoe, field agronomist for ISUEO reviewed herbicide labels and created an easy to read chart of common herbicide products.

The publication is free to download from the ISUEO Extension Store.

Liz Juchems





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