Iowa Watershed Successes


The Iowa DNR’s annual publication Working for Clean Water tells the story of groups, individuals, researchers, and organizations who have been working in partnerships across the state in an effort to positively impact water quality for all Iowans. Each year the DNR chooses to highlight particular “watershed successes” and the most recent edition features both Iowa Learning Farms and Water Rocks!

DNRCleanWater_Stories-02The efforts of our farmer partners Rick Juchems and Dick Sloan are profiled, each telling their conservation stories. Both tell of how they began to embrace conservation practices, why they continue using them on their land, and how they each contribute to ongoing education and conversation regarding conservation practices in farming.

Teacher Elisha Kubalsky is featured telling her story of how participating in the Water Rocks! Teacher Summit enhanced the way she teaches her middle school students in Davenport about the importance of water quality. Kubalsky highlights the need for students to understand water as a resource given they all live in such close proximity to the Mississippi River.

To read these stories and more visit the DNR website to download the 2015 Working for Clean Water.

We also always love hearing of your own watershed successes, if you have a story you’d like to have featured on our blog, feel free to reach out and share it with us! Remember you can always share your 2016 #1newthingforwater pledge and progress with us on Twitter too!


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