Final Four for Conservation: Bringing a “W” for Water

March Madness has arrived in all its glory! Cinderellas, Bracket Busters, and the nonstop bracketology analysis…  there’s so much to love! We thought we’d have some fun with our own Final Four for Conservation.


Much like the 64(+) teams competing for the NCAA basketball championship, when we think about water quality and conservation here in Iowa, there are lots of possible picks, as well!

What practices would you pick as your conservation Final Four?  The Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy outlines a host of different conservation practices that can help us reach the targeted 45% load reduction goals for both nitrogen and phosphorus leaving our state. Just like you pick your teams for the Final Four, what conservation practices will you pick to implement this year? Let us know using hashtag #1NewThingForWater! It takes all of us – rural and urban – working together.

How about a Final Four of cover crops, no-till, wetlands, and prairie strips? To quote Dickie V, “Slam, bam, jam!” That’s quite a prime time combination when it comes to protecting both our soil and water resources here in the state of Iowa!


If you’d like to hear more information about one of our final four conservation practices, be sure to check out our upcoming Field Days. We will be in Kanawha on April 13 discussing cover crop seeding techniques, and in Mount Pleasant on April 14 talking about grassroots grazing of cover crops.

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