Recent Article Looks at Soil Health from a Global Perspective

A recent article from Environmental Health News titled, “Is soil the great new integrator?” explores what farmers around the world are doing to counter threats to soil quality in an era where all farmers are facing global pressures to push soil to the max. Soil has different properties and challenges in different regions of the world. From Valle del Cauca in Colombia, to northern Punjab, India, to many areas in the United States, farmers are learning how to work with the soil they have and improve soil health to protect themselves from erosion, drought and extreme weather events.

The author, Lisa Palmer, says that farmers are “bucking the trend” and beginning to consider soil health as a business decision.

“Molina and other farmers I’ve met with over the years are bucking the trend. Their attention to soil has been a business decision, leading to increased production and yields, and has helped them withstand weather extremes.

It’s catching on: In a recent survey, insight from 2,020 farmers from across the United States reflected enthusiasm for cover crops to help improve soils—for the fourth year in a row—and found a yield boost in corn and soybeans following cover crops.”

Cereal rye cover crops start to green up in Spring 2017 near Nashua, Iowa

Not only is building soil a business decision, but it can also help farmers insulate themselves from extreme conditions like drought, windstorms and heavy rain events.

Read the article to learn more about what farmers are doing in different corners of the world to make soil health work for them.

Julie Whitson