Just In! Opportunity to Reserve a Cover Crop Interseeder This Fall

20150827_123344Practical Farmers has been working with Hagie, Heartland Coop, IAWA and the Polk County SWCD plus a number of other organizations to offer farmers in the Polk, Dallas, Story and Boone county areas use of a new 90′ Hagie Interseeder for cover crop seeding this fall. To learn more head to this website.

To sign up to use the machine, which will be offered at a slight discount this year, get your fields in the queue here.

To contract the machine to seed your cover crops you can seed as many acres as you want but at least 20 for the minimum. You can either buy your seed through Heartland Co-op or provide the seed yourself. You can either be part of a cost share program or not. Mostly the machine is available for usage and Hagie wants to get it in use to see how well it seeds large numbers of acres during the seeding window of August-September.

Questions? Amanda Brown at the Polk County SWCD is the first contact for questions and getting your fields in the queue. She can be reached at Amanda.Brown@ia.nacdnet.net or 515-964-1883.