Gathering everyone together to increase conservation efforts

Landowners have a great opportunity to shape how their land is managed. In Iowa, about 40% of agricultural land is owned by women.  It is crucial to have women represented at field days and workshops so they can make informed decisions in their operations and/or with their tenants. women attendees

For the past two years, 27% of Iowa Learning Farms attendees were women. From the 2017 demographic cards, 17% of all attendees who identified as farmers/operators or landowners were women; 40% of those who identified as “other” were women (government employees, agribusiness, students or educators). Since ILF first started hosting field days in 2004, the number of women attending field days has increased. More women are now serving as Extension Specialists, agronomists, and government employees and this is reflected in our data.

dsc_1789.jpgWomen continue to play an active role in the farming operation with 43% of women attendees describing themselves as active farmers/operators and 64% describe themselves as landowners. Nearly 60% reported owning more than three-quarters of their land. This finding is consistent with the trend of increasing numbers of acres owned by female landowners. It is encouraging to see these women taking an active role in the management of their land as both farmer/operator and/or landowner.

In 2018, ILF will continue to seek new ways to increase female attendance, especially female farmers/operators and landowners, at field days and workshops. Women indicated to us that they would prefer to attend events on Tuesday-Thursday either in the morning (41%) or afternoon (57%). This year we are planning to offer events at these times to see if we can increase the number of women attending our events. We also plan to partner with organizations that focus on women farmers/operators and landowners.

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Webinar Recap: Engaging More Landowners in Conservation Decisions

How do we better engage landowners in conservation decisions if they are not the operator? Our March webinar featured Stan Buman and Amy Dreith of Agren, Inc. Agren has piloted a project called “Conservation Connect” since 2011 in the Raccoon River watershed in Calhoun, Carroll, Sac and Buena Vista counties in Iowa. The outreach campaign featured the “Your Land Report Card.”

“Perhaps the most important product of our recent outreach campaign was the implementation of the ‘Your Land Report Card.’ Just like a report card to gauge performance in school, landowners who requested an assessment received a report card with a letter grade for their property.”       -Amy Drieth, Agren, Inc.


The project used an “AIDA” pyramid approach – awareness, interest, desire and then action. The stages of AIDA are like rungs of a ladder. The project worked to first build awareness about a potential issue before an action step could be considered.


Agren initially contacted 2,375 landowners using mailings and phone calls; 7% of those landowners contacted had interest in attending a public meeting, talking over the phone or having a windshield assessment completed for their land. After this step, interested parties had in-person contact with a landowner advisor and then installed or improved a practice.

Watch the webinar to learn more about the Conservation Connect project and how you can get a “conservation check-up” for your land or how you can adapt this project for your own watershed. This model could easily be adapted to work in other watersheds.

To learn more about the project, visit To request an Excel sheet that can be used to generate a “Your Land Report Card” contact Amy Drieth, Agren Marketing  Manager, at

Watch the webinar here!

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Learn More About Non-Operator Landowner Roles in Conservation: ILF Webinar on March 21


Conservation Connect, managed by Agren, has initiated direct marketing campaigns to non-operator landowners to build awareness and encourage implementation of conservation practices. Tom Buman, Chief Executive Officer of Agren, and Amy Dreith, Marketing Manager, will co-present about outreach strategies that Agren has used to engage non-operator landowners in natural resources conservation. Part of their outreach to landowners includes the “Your Land Report Card” assessment.

“Report cards are a great tool to use with non-operator landowners who want a check-up, but don’t have the understanding or ability to understand all the detailed metrics,” said Amy Dreith, Marketing Manager for Agren. “It is imperative to demonstrate that there is a problem before there’s interest in a solution.”

DATE: Wednesday, March 21, 2018
TIME: 12:00 p.m.
HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Log on as a guest shortly before 12:00 p.m.:

More information about this webinar is available at our website. If you can’t watch the webinar live, an archived version will be available on our website:

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